The Importance Of Seaweed Fertilizer & Orchid Fertilizer

When I was young, I often wondered why fruits and vegetables that came directly from orchards tasted so great.  How lush green lawns and colorful flowers refreshed my eyes and soothed my mind!  Why I could not resist my test buds whenever I saw some ripe, delicious and mouthwatering fruit in my neighbor’s orchard!  And lastly but more importantly, I was unable to understand why there was so much difference between two gardens separated just by a fence; when our neighbor’s garden was full of life and stunning color, ours was dry and lifeless.  But, when I grew up and finally started looking after the garden myself, I got the secret why my neighbor could grow such beautiful plants, flowers and fresh ripe fruits in his garden while we fail for how much hard we tried and, care and diligence we showed.  Now I have come to understand why soil preparation is so important in organic gardening.  Experienced gardeners know that nothing beats rich, organic soil for growing a lush and productive garden.  In spite of saying no to chemical fertilizers, now I am able to make vegetables thrive by using excellent organic solutions such as seaweed fertilizers.

Hence, if you want to give your garden, plants, flower beds or lawn a real boost like me, you should try seaweed as your orchard fertilizer.  I have seen the blessings seaweed orchard fertilizer showered on my garden.  These organic, all natural fertilizers which have been used in its raw state for many years by people who live around coastal areas to improve and nourish exhausted soils, are now gaining popularity  due to the great benefits that liquid seaweed fertilizers can offer.   On the other hand, chemical fertilizers though they aid in increasing crop production which in turn help stabilize the higher demand for food due to increase in population, and sometimes make it possible to increase plant nutrients in adverse weather conditions or during times when plants need additional nutrients, there are several harmful effects of chemical fertilizers we can hardly afford to face.  In fact, chemical fertilizers have more cons than pros.   Some of the harms chemical fertilizers bring about include waterway pollution, chemical burn to crops, increased air pollution, acidification of the soil and mineral depletion of the soil etc.  Consequently, the problems associated with use of regular chemical fertilizers continue to hound health experts and policy makers due to increasing incidence of infertility, deformities, cancer, pest invasion, soil depletion, water pollution, air pollution and less nutritious produce.

However, seaweed fertilizer has all the answers to the dilemma.  People use fertilizers to improve soil texture, promote growth in plants and increase yields. Seaweed fertilizer which is derived from seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals which can be beneficial to the plants in your garden or orchard.  Why we find vegetables and fruits grown in our orchards and gardens taste great, because they are cultivated in a naturally organic process by using eco-friendly organic fertilizers like seaweed fertilizers made from kelp rank which is considered the best.  The day I used seaweed fertilizers in my garden I could see the difference they bring in and understand the importance of using them in orchards and gardens.

As already said, seaweed has a broad and well-balanced range of nutrients.  Unlike land plants, its non-cellulose built helps other compost materials breakdown easily and enrich the soil.  It is important to use seaweed for it is all natural and it contains complex carbohydrates which stimulate microscopic soil fungi and microbes.  And we know how these little soldiers help increase availability of soil nutrients and they act as defenders against soil-based diseases.  Seaweed is large algae growing in the sea or on rocks below the high-water mark and it contains mannitol and alginic acid both of which acidify the soil and help plants absorb nutrients.  Besides these, as the seaweed breaks down, the soil becomes stronger and richer which in turn offers the growing plants healthier root area to grow.  And less restrictive root systems ensure a larger, more bountiful fruit or vegetable for picking.  Though seaweed fertilizers come in liquid, powdered and granular forms, I always prefer to use liquid varieties both for root and foliar feeding due to their convenience and effectiveness.  As a matter of fact, seaweed fertilizer is found to be one of the cheapest and most effective organic plant nourishing agents you can rely on for your garden requirements.

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